What Is Good Enough?

I find myself torn at times, I want my kids to do the best that they can but not use their disability as an excuse to not try. I do believe that allowances need to be made in order that the children can work and study to the best of their ability. If by approaching the task from another angle facilitates and enhances their learning, then why should they be boxed in to perform a task like the rest of their peers?

For example, when a child is sent home to rewrite a task because it is not good enough, is this ok? When the child can carry out the practical task at school, follow directions, be safe and observe and understand what is happening in the experiment but write very simple sentences to explain  the process, why is that not good enough? I think if the child can verbalize what he is seeing and explain that to the teacher, then surely the learning outcomes have been achieved. The teacher would be wandering through the class to supervise and assist, so why not ask the child who struggles to transition from spoken word to written sentences a few questions to ensure the content of the lesson is understood?

This is an issue I am currently addressing. I do not want to make a teachers life more difficult than it already is.  My boys have been blessed to have the most wonderful and supportive teachers, whom predominately have a good understanding of ASD and my boys needs. In mainstream school, each new year will bring new subjects and new teachers who need to be educated and supported to support not only my boys but other children who require additional support at time. As I missed parent – teacher afternoon due to other commitments, I need to make the effort to book a meeting. Teach-Quotes-if-a-child-cant-learn-the-way-we-teach-maybe-we-should-teach-the-way-they-learn Daisy Heart

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