I Am Back and So Excited and Humbled to be Back

This was written on the 16th October 2017. I will add an edits, dated and in brackets, to make it easier to understand, I hope! At the end, is an update that is current and that I will continue to write about in the coming weeks.

I had forgotten my password and access to here in my blog! It has taken me such a long time to get back as I kept pushing to the bottom of my to do list, the things needed to get back online. (I did, again, loose my log in details and forget the, that I had to rest it all again, a few months ago. 25/07/18)

I have written some posts while out of action here at my blog site. I will post them over the coming days. (I have journals everywhere! I have to train myself to journal it all in one spot, for future reference for myself. I am planning on making here the spot for it all! 25/07/18)

So much has happened and I have been challenged and sad and hurt. I have also been excited at the prospect of what each  new day will bring and what I can achieve each day. Some days are the run of the mill days of house chores and washing and folding clothes. Some days are sewing and learning new crafts with friends. Some days are filled with judgments from others and from me to others and toward myself as I process and work through some of the latest events that have taken place. (In addition to the latest events that took place back when I made this draft, today has seen me face the reality that my dad’s brain MRI results are back and that his diagnosis of Dementia has a very poor future prognosis. More about that another day).

Some days are full of questions and seemingly no answer I want to hear. Some days are full of surprises and the best surprises come from my boys! (Although I wrote this last sentence over 7 months ago, it stands true today, the 25th July 2018).

Today’s thoughts for the 25/07/18:  this next six month is going to be crazy busy and stressful.

My dad has one more week in respite care before returning home, to a home that is really not safe for him anymore and a wife (my mother) that lives in denial that dad has been suicidal and has depression and is becoming frailer. It’s time to find a new place for them to live or see them go their own way as it has come time for mum’s hand to be forced and she will have little choice  now as we face an unknown future for dad.

Next week also sees the review of my boys NDIS plans. I have to allocate time to plan and prepare for these meetings, set goals with the boys needs in mind and of course their hopes and desires of what support will look like for them. I always find this such a stressful time of fighting for their right for support and proving their needs and suing the right words and language to get the message across, all the while hoping that the person doing the review is compassionate and understanding and most of all understands that autism support now, particularly for my boys, is almost guaranteed that they will not require ongoing support of NDIS nor Disability Pension Support as they transition to adulthood and independence. But also realizing that this transition is likely to be delayed compared to their neurotypical peers as is the nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I am also still recovering from travel and have not been able to have a full nights sleep since my return six nights ago. I average three to four hours sleep and then it is tossing and turning, being woken with body pain and particularly a feeling like someone is stabbing a knife in my thigh and causing radiating leg pain.  My cold sore is healing,  my sniffles are easing and the chest congestion that was trying to take hold is almost gone thanks to my doTerra Essential Oils and Supplements.

My boys have begun term 3 well and there is more to share about how school has been for this year. My boys are now in year 8 and year 10.

I hope and prayer that this update finds you well and that we can continue to support each other in the every day that is Love, Life and Autism. xx


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