Having A Voice for the Voiceless

As parents, relatives and carers of children on the Autism Spectrum, we find ourselves having to be an advocate for our special people. I find that I also have to be an advocate for myself. Whilst I don’t have any disabilities, I do suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD and being an advocate can be very distressing.

I left a marriage of psychological abuse in 2011 and also find myself drawn to be a voice for women who have experienced domestic violence of this nature. My heart has always been to love, support and care for the dis-advantaged, including numerous years as a foster carer. I also spent many, many years volunteering in the Welfare Arm of the churches I was involved in.

These days I don’t attend church and do have struggles with my faith. I have come to realize that the struggle is more to do with how people treat each other, not the infinite wisdom and power of God. I have been and am continuing in a Spiritual Journey of discovery about: What is Faith? Do I trust God? Do I trust People? Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose (beyond raising my kids)?

Recently I have had some experiences that have made me feel uncomfortable. I haven’t agreed with a group decision or a personal posting, finding it very judgmental and creating exclusiveness where I thought there was supposed to be openness and inclusion. I spoke up as I felt I needed my voice to b e heard, on behalf of others who may feel the same but not know how or be able to have a say. It was received with mixed responses, as expected, but still the need for exclusivity in this situation was dominant. I’m currently left with accepting the status quo in the exclusive group, leaving the exclusive group, staying but maybe not participating in the exclusive group. This exclusive group is a sub group of another group, the original group, and the original group is where I will stay.

I would love to hear from you, if you have experienced this or if you choose to reflect and answer the questions below.

  1. How do you manage family duties as an advocate?
  2. Do you feel heard when you advocate for yourself or others?
  3. Do you question your whole sense of being and purpose?

Till next time,

Love and Blessings, Kat xx


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