Don’t Get Too Comfortable – Note to Self

The year is certainly speeding by and it’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through term three. The year has been without incident for Mr 14, unlike year 7, last year. But Friday saw that reality come crashing down.
On Friday I received a text message from Mr 14 saying that he doesn’t want to be there (at school). I learn that he had been trapped in a room by some kids in his class. He was unable to just open the door and leave as it was an outward opening door that the kids were leaning on and preventing him opening. When he did open the door, he punched o ne boy in the chest and subsequently received three punches to the head.
I arrived at school shortly after the text correspondence with Mr 14. School was surprised I was there as no one had yet called me. I informed them that I had received a text from my son. Mr 14 was filling out an incident report when I arrived at school. Within twenty minutes of the first text, I was at school and my boy and I were on our way home.
It appears that this has been targeted bullying. I am so sad for my son as he wants to go to school without feeling harassed and bullied. I am heartbroken for him. I know I cannot provide him with the learning opportunities he is getting at school, in the areas that interest him. I often count the years until he can leave the school system.
I certainly feel inadequate every time I have to go to a meeting at school. No matter how much I prep myself for these meetings, I don’t feel I do an adequate job. I did fear becoming that kind of parent that the teachers get sick and tired of seeing. I do know, however, that my boys have to face the consequences of their actions, and I never back down from that. They also need to learn to be more adaptable and to block out the verbal stuff, but at the end of the day, violence is not the answer. Maybe some lessons in self defence and being able to protect one’s head might not go astray!
I am exhausted. I have lost my train of thought, so I guess this is it for today.
May your week be blessed, be positive and love abound!

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