Anxiety _ A New Lesson

Let me begin by telling you that the morning after the yelling match all was rather quiet and peaceful. Mr 11 was up and dresses even before my alarm went off. The morning went smoothly, the boys got ready and we left at the right time for me to get to my appointment.

Today I received a  pone call  from my doctor’s surgery.  They have my results and would like to make a non-urgent appointment with the GP for follow up. Come Monday morning I will be at yet another medical appointment. This time it is well after school has started, so there is no pressure to be out the door so early.

Today I have also made contact with a Behavioural Support Assistant. I sent her a cry for help in understanding Mr 11. She also confirms that oppositional behaviour is commonly an outward sign of anxiety! In attempting to make an appointment, I say I am pretty free and the first three options don’t work due to the boys community access schedule being on the same afternoon but different times and to other family stressors! Looking forward to finally finding a matching time for us to connect. Relieved that I have reached out for help and have full confidence that we have the right support person for this as she knows our family and has worked with us previously.

I have also booked myself for a consult with my naturopath for a new programme to get my health in shape and manage and support my body in healing and restoration with all the health issues I have.

Spent the morning at a School Leavers Expo for people with a disability. Although Mr 14 is in year 8, I am gathering info and understanding for the next few years as some things can start as early as Year 10.

Mid morning till the time for school pick up saw my time spent with my partner. We went and got ourselves a coffee, had a chat and ran a few errands.

After school we stayed home, except for me going to get hot chips for dinner. I wasn’t feeling all that great as I had consumes two “real” coffees today, one at the expo and one with my partner. My body gives me an automatic clean out when I have to much or too strong a “real” coffee. Way too much real coffee today with an awful side effect and left feeling unwell.

This evening I finally finished pinning the inner lining for a 4.5kg weighted blanket. I have overlocked the edges and tomorrow will also sew the edge hems and the coloumns for the plastic pellets.

A rather productive day. Tonight the boys watched a movie together and then settled quickly and well into bed tonight. They both had Melatonin tonight.

And my joy of the day was laughing at our cat. He is a Ragdoll Lynx and gorgeous. When he pooped on the bathroom floor (discovered later as I am getting ready for bed) he comes running from the direction of the bathroom/bedrooms. Running like a mad thing on a mission. He was so scatty and crazy. HE is funny to watch and often displays this behaviour after pooping. I think I need a cat expert to explain to me the behaviour of this cat!

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